And again…


Well, i suppose a lot has happened in the last year and a bit since i last wrote. i have moved up to sheffield, which is closer to the climbing scene. decided that i don’t actually like leading at all, and don’t think that i ever really did, unless its really slopey and stuff. and by slopey, i mean there is a significant incline that is fairly shallow so i don’t feel like i’m going to fall.

anyway, i now live in sheffield with my boyfriend and a cat. he’s bought a house – the boyfriend – not the cat, and we are living quite happily together. it was a bit fraught to begin with, due to the fact that we were living with his father, and didn’t really have our own space other than our bedroom. but that has all changed now.

currently, i have a kitten in the hood of my sweater. he’s slowly cutting off my air supply, but i so cute that i don’t really mind. our kitten is an ocicat, which means that he’s spotty and very vocal. infact, so vocal that he only shuts up when he’s asleep. the trick is to tire him out quickly so that he sleeps and then i can study.

yes, i am still a student. however, i did succeed to pass my final year of law by staying single, and having no social life really. i studied long and hard, and revised lots. i think that is what i need to start doing this year, but trying to keep a house and study at the same time is really hard!

anyways, i ought to get back to the vienna convention on the law of treaties, and i’ll probably post again tomorrow.

Sprocket’s newest trick: perch on the edge of the table, wash face with both paws. look like a squirrel. or in his words “`1r4wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhusyhfwq 4e2” “““““““““`32qw