the ol’ debate: canada vs. america

halfway through another day. had a seminar earlier this morning and it was useful, although it has become more american versus canadian instead of focusing on the area that we were supposed to.

one guy, michael i think his name is, asked me “why do people like you so much? i just don’t understand it.” realising what he had just said, he then backtracked, and said, “canadians i mean.” the class laughed, and then we went into the debate over why canada is perceived as better than america. to be honest, it isn’t difficult to understand really. Canada is boring, has a very safe foreign policy and helps people. America doesn’t really do any of those, while claiming that it is saving the world and making it a safer place for all. bullshit. anyway, we moved on, and that was that.

on a different note, it is clear that sprocket prefers to eat me rather than aidan. this i don’t understand.