sprocket again (and other meanderings)

i thought that i would write a bit more about sprocket because i’m besotted. i know that i did write a bit about his epic journey home, but i thought that i would elaborate. i have resigned myself to considering him a bit like a surrogate child in as much as we are now called mummy and daddy. ick. but it is somewhat like having a little kid in the house. the very first thing that he tried to do was crawl up the chimney when we finally got him home after a harrowing journey back. three hours of mewling and constant attempts to escape my lap to the dark depths of the footwell and potentially, behind the brake pedal. he was absolutely mesmerised by the lights on the dashbord and every so often he would make a dash for AC’s lap to play with them whilst driving.

he settled in okay and was sleeping under the duvet with us on the first night, chirruping away throughout the night. i only think that i rolled over onto him a couple of times during the night. he woke up, muttered and then went back to sleep. i think that he got a bit sick of people the next day because every man and his dog came by to see him. i saw a 6 ft 7 climber melt and turn into goo when i introduced him to sprocket. it was pretty entertaining.

i think that is enough about ocicats though. other than mew, play, sleep, eat and fart, the thing doesn’t really do much else. actually that is a complete lie. he does more than that. he runs around like a lunatic – not at all dainty on his feet. currently, his newest trick is to try to run up the curtains. we’re keeping a spray bottle by us. i think he’ll be a very wet cat by the time that we’re through. now, he’s stalking me. typing makes him pounce.

well. what else can i wax lyrical about? i know that he is just a kitten, but he does make me so comfortable in this house. i don’t feel so isolated and alone here when i’ve got a manic kitten tearing about the place. literally. i don’t think our toilet rolls will recover. nor our paper supplies, or even for that matter our houseplant. currently, aidan is attempting to extricate a piece of wood from the plant out of the cat. it is like having a child. only much more entertaining. a child couldn’t slam headfirst into a letter box without social services getting involved.


i was thinking about blogs earlier on today.

the idea that people (me included) happily post their thoughts/lives/personal interests/anything and everything onto the net is a strange thing. taken from a perspective of someone who has never had any relationship with the net and this strange phenomena, the concept is bizarre. not to mention the privacy issues of one who posts and the potential repercussions that it can have on working life or even your social life. i guess this is why you have to be fairly considerate with what you post and how you do it. perhaps i should think about it more. i don’t know. maybe i just believe that people won’t use the information. maybe i just think that people won’t be that interested.

i also thought about other stuff that i thought was fairly intersting on the same walk down to campus. but i have forgotten it now. this always happens to me. i complain that nothing ever really occurs in my life, then i think about something and then i forget about it. ah well.

tomorrow, or maybe the day after, i’ll discuss my masters. and muse as to why i find it so odd. or is odd even the correct word. i am finding that i am losing words. this is worrying.