the best cake ever

11:00 am
i really like cake. i never make it though because its bad for me. that and the fact that i don’t cook. so, i went to my friends house and she had made the best cake in the world. it was a simple cinnamon sponge cake with butter icing, but it was sure yummy. i thought i would share her recipe with you, as in her words “its just a sponge recipe with lots of cinnamon” so i think she wouldn’t mind.

here it is:

“Sponge cake is: 125 grams of flour, butter and sugar and 2 eggs…just double up if you want a bigger cake. Combine the butter and sugar, mix in the eggs and then the flour and then just add what you like (i put about 3 heaped teaspoons of cinnamon in that one but it’s good with lemon zest and also ginger). Normally takes about half an hour on gas 4 but dont open the oven to check it until it looks firm or it will implode!”

note: i put it in quotes, so i guess that means something doesn’t it?

more later when i get bored.