sleepy, soggy sunday

i’ve just about recovered from the houseparty last night. ACand i gave way and held one for all of our friends – well 2 of my friends and the rest of his. it was a good night, but we didn’t get to bed until 3 am and so i’m pretty shagged today. we didn’t get out of bed until well into the afternoon and haven’t really managed much yet.AC and al went out onto the peak yesterday. i had to work. so, once again, i was left at home while AC went out. its actually making me start to cry now, with frustration. it seems that every time that AC can go out, i cant. very irritating. he’s also getting more into going tradding, and won’t trad with me because apparently it gets too stressful on the relationship. this puts me in a difficult position, because i do enjoy trad climbing, as a second but i’m not sure if he wants to do that with me any more. so, once again, i can foresee me being left behind. and i hate being left behind.

i’m a bit like a sheep really.

the weather here sucks right now. its cold, wet, dreary and very depressing. it nice to be indoors and out of the rain. we did a run to collect the scratching post for sprocket (who loves it, and thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread, or the cat equivalent) and to collect some stuff to eat for al before his long journey back home to brighton, very glad that i don’t have to commute that way.

i feel sorry for those who are out on the peak today, i think it’l look something like this:

so yeah. i’m glad i’m not out there.

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