Biking mud fest

Well AC had promised me a mountain bike for the last year or so, and I got a Kona Cinder Kone for my birthday. Its orange and teeny (which is good as i’m pretty teeny too). Anyhow, after purchasing helmet, gloves and shorts we went for my first ever ride.

i’m not unfit, in that i run twice a week and climb a fair amount, but after 20 min of going up and down hills my thighs were screaming and i felt like i was going to throw up. and that was just on the road bit. i think i need to get fitter. we then got onto the single track – or whatever the mtb lingo is for a trail and i proceeded to fall off my bike repeateldly and crash into things i thought i was aiming away from. as it turns out i was doing the usual object fixation thing that motorbikers do – usually just before they die. thinking that biking for me may be a bit of a dangerous thing.

once i had my tears of frustration and stroppy moment, i really enjoyed the ride. it wasn’t very technical and the going down hill really really steep stuff still terrifies me, but i think i could get used to it.

have also got my first scar when i went over a rock and the peddle proceeded to bite me in the knee. it is definitely gonna leave a scar. went to the minor injuries unit to make sure that it didn’t need any stitches and stuff on it. when i get the photo – my mate took on today while trying not to throw up – i’ll put it on the blog. we didn’t take a camera so no photos for this ride. i’ll try to take my camera next time, and then i’ll show you how muddy i can get. and bloody. its a great combo.

told my parents about it and the first thing that they said was “oooh, be careful”. bit late for that! thinking that buying knee pads may be the way forward, knowing how accident prone i am.

more from me later as i’ve to go and wash the oven