Procrastination is a wonderful thing. so far today i’ve done more playing on the internet than i have done studying. unfortunaely this means that i am also a little bit more worried about the quality of my essays then i would have been had i started working a bit earlier. saying that, i did get some reading done about the IMF and i didn’t fall asleep!

not sure about the IMF. its an interesting concept and i think it does have a role in the world, but it really needs to get its ass in gear and reform quickly. as an international organisation, it can’t do that, but i can dream. it is a fairly apt essay to have to do in the current financial crises, but inknow that i will get myself in a tangle “critically discussing” it. ah well. i’m sure it will be fun.

anyway, enough of the procrastination.

on to my next writing attempt – sustainable development and coherence in the international environmental forum. or something. at least i have started to write this one. and just think of the nice pretty pictures that i could possibly include.

at least sustainable development could be a little bit more interesting than dry fiscal policy in the IMF. we shall see. we shall see.

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