Climbing Goals

Brief Post:

After surfing/browsing other people’s blogs, i’ve come to the conclusion that i need to put some goals down for my climbing achievements this year. These are:

  1. be able to climb “hard” boulder problems at the foundry and 6b/c problems outside.
  2. be able to happily lead 6c (god that sounds low) sport problems inside.
  3. be able to campus more effectively.

Sounds pretty achievable doesn’t it? hmmm.

Anyway, i’m currently able to some medium problems at the wall and only have to work at them a little bit. This should be getting better as i’m training more consistently.

I know my weaknesses are strength, confidence and reading problems so as intermediate goals, those will have to be worked on. So these will be:

  1. improving strength through campusing and fingery problems
  2. improving stamina through lots and lots of reps and 4 x 4
  3. thinking about sequences before jumping on the problem
  4. and going for it!

okay. so my short post has gone a little longer than i thought it would. lets see how it goes eh?


One thought on “Climbing Goals

  1. Good luck Kate! In a weird co-incidence I remember chatting to a Canadian climber in the Matrix (SHU) who was in Sheffield on an exchange year.

    Keep working at it, a friend has already shown me this year that it’s possible but takes persistent hard work.

    Phil from the other rock climbing blog 😉

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