I hurt

we went biking yesterday. climbed up to Stanage Pole, down a very rocky causeway up to Burbage and then down porter clough and up through lodgemoor to end up back home about three hours later. by the time i got to the top of Burbage i thought i was going to be sick and i still had miles to go. luckily it was all road stuff. actually most of the ride was road stuff this time. i can’t wait until we get the new car so that we can then throw the bikes in the back and go somewhere different that doesn’t immediately throw a massive climb out of a valley. as it is mountain biking that we’re doing that is never going to happen!

on the plus side, i’m more happy with standing up on peddles and going down hill. i still can peddle whilst standing on the peddles but i’m sure that will come eventually.

I felt so tired that i couldn’t eat last night and passed out at about half ten. i did enjoy the ride though. most definitely. Apparently we need to get this route down to an hour by the end of summer. i think it will possibly kill me.

okay. onwards with the essays.
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