The day

Have just had a scary day thinking that my essays had reverted back to an old version. luckily this is not the case and i don’t have to worry. although it does mean that i have proceeded to update an older draft which is irritating. ne’er mind. i didn’t do that much so i don’t need to worry.

the day at work was okay. it was a bit slow but lots of friends came in and tried shoes on. some even bought them. other than that i just tidied up and did stuff. the day went quite quickly actually. i was surprised at how many people were in considering that it was so beautifyl and sunny out. even if it was too hot to climb, it was lovely to go an wander in the sun.

i’ve been out bouldering twice this week. none of it was to push my grade but just to enjoy being out on the rock again. we went to Owler Tor which is near Mother Cap and above Millstones if not au fait with the climbing crags around sheffield. i didn’t do anything harder than a 4+ i think but it was great fun. just wonderful to get out on the rock as i have already said. last night i think i only did one route and spent the rest of my time writing an essay. AC and GM climbed and made up silly eliminates on some of the problems. then had a curry and have completely undid all of my good work for the last couple of weeks.

also went on a ride on thursday. cycled up from crookes to stanage pole and then via the causeway down to plantation and then up to burbage and back to crookes via porter clough (not sure on the spelling). it was nails. and i really really hurt and felt sick by the end of it. i thought i was going to die. in fact i was so tired that i couldn’t even eat the pizza that i staggered to get. but i think it was worth it. i know that if we do the same route for the next couple of rides my fitness will improve no end. which, as its one fo my goals will be great. i do need to get back into other forms of training though. i haven’t done much in the way of strength training for the last couple of weeks. that’s mainly because we’ve been doing other things.

thats no excuse.