Well this is a reaffirmation of my goals. It will be a bit boring for many people…

My ultimate goal in climbing is to be able to climb hard gritstone bouldering problems. I am capable of this (i hope!) but need to get more serious on my training. the purpose of this blog is to note when i slack off and how the training goes.

I believe I am capable of achieving this by in 4 years.

In order to reach the standard necessary to achieve my ultimate goal above, I will need to be able to achieve this intermediate goal:

improving my bouldering grade from 6a to 6c which should happen by April 2009

As a first step towards achieving this intermediate goal, I will need to achieve the following:

  • A consistent 6b+ by end of summer 2008

Now that my overall targets have been set I need to consider how I am going to get there. I have looked into my strengths and weaknesses and identified several attributes I feel needs to be improved. The attribute I want to work on most is:

  • Strength

Progress will be measured by

If I am unsure as to how to measure progress in my chosen attribute I will do the following:

  1. Campus abilities by July 2008
  2. “Chinups” by July 2008
  3. Steep “juggy” problem reps of 4 by July 2008

I intend to start working specifically on improving this attribute in may 2008

May 2008

so I will measure my performance throughout July 2008 2008

I expect to see noticeable improvement in this attribute within 1 month so i should measure my progress on the 13/06/2008

  • Campus 2x week
  • Finger board at the end of each session
  • 2 steep problems each session

2nd Key improvement area:


I am going to measure progress in the development of this attribute in the following way:

  • Number of sustained problems in a row
  • cardio assessment

To measure progress i will

  • determine the number of reps of a med problem by july 2008
  • Assess length of run/ride by july 2008

I want to stark working to improve this attribute by may 18th 2008 so i will measure my performance in august 18th 2008

I expect to see noticeable improvement in this attribute within 2 months

To improve my performance, i will do the following:

  • Run/cycle 2 -3 per week
  • sport routes 1 per week
  • 4×4 1 per week if unable to route

3rd thing for improvement:


this is an ongoing thing and will be kept in the back of my mind whilst climbing.