The weekend

its been a hot hot hot weekend! while we didn’t do much, i feel like the time was well spent. AC managed to get lost on Kinder Scout, which aparently isn’t as difficult as i thought it would be. that’s what he did on saturday while i worked. it was surprisingly busy. people popped in to get stuff and then buggered off to go and get nice and tanned outside. although it would have been horrendously greasy.

friday night, we went to owler tor – not sure if i’ve blogged this yet or not – and i sat and wrote some of my IMF essay while AC and GM climbed. in other words, pissed about. then watched underdeveloped again and ate a really good curry.

sunday: started lazy, in that we didn’t get out of bed until about half ten but it was sooo hot that we didn’t see the point. then had breakfast and cleaned the house. sprocket and connie were outside and had no intention of coming back in. we then went to decathlon (horrid, horrid place) to get a camelback bag for mountain biking, and some lights. however, we managed to forget to buy batteries, so AC had to drive all the way back to get them. then proceeded to drop the screws into the pebbles of our garden so only one screw is holding my back light together.

my gears aren’t working correctly and so we had a failed attempt at going over blacka (sp?) moor. we got to somewhere in sheffield and then had to turn back as they kept slipping upwards or downwards and never quite where i wanted them.

instead we had really good burgers (put some cut chilli in them) and wine and went to bed early.
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