I’ve managed to write in DRAFT form two of the essays that are due for the 9th so i’m kinda pleased. however i’ve got to finish reading stuff for the IMF essay and i haven’t even started reading for the health law one. although i don’t think that TH will be marking as stringently as DF. she knows that we’ve got so much work to do.

i had a chat with TH about doing a ph.d. she really says that i should go for it. i would love to, but i’m getting so disillusioned with work and i kinda want to earn some money so i can get nice things and not feel guilty that AC has to foot the bill all of the time. talking about bills – we’re picking up our new car today. i’m very excited as i’m on the insurance policy for the first 7 days. whether i’ll get to drive the thing is another matter.

we’re off down to bath at some point too. that will be fun. the cats want out desperately but i’m not letting them as i have to go and do stuff in a bit. its a night mare trying to catch them after.

went to the gym yesterday. i managed only 4 k on the treadmill before my knee gave way! i was so angry that i could spit! tried going on the bike and that hurt, so in the end i just packed it in. and ate chocolate cake.

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