The week…

Lots has happened in the last week or so. I’ll do a list thingy in reverse order:

Climbing at Rubicon in the White Peak.

We went to Rubicon yesterday evening for a bit of bouldering. considering it was the first time that i had touched rock for a significant period, i didn’t think i did that badly. i just played around really and wacked my arm on the rock. limestone is shit. its shiny and odd and wobbles. but it makes an alternative to the normal grit. anyway, here are some photos:

This was kindly taken by RG. It was a nice little problem that took me a couple of goes before i nailed it. This was probably the closest i got to falling off and then i had to try it again. AC is in the background working the sequence of another problem. i tried it, and though it was nails so then started taking photos instead.

Clearly i didn’t take this one. but its a nice one of me and AC actually bouldering together, rather than me holding cameras and the such like.

Anyway, that was our visit to rubicon. i’d like to go there again and do some more stuff once i’m back in the bouldering phase.

Eating Loads of Cake

My brother got me the BEST chocolate cake in the world. i think between AC and i we managed to eat about 2/3rds of it. i fell totally fat now and think i am going to have to go on a diet. but it was kinda worth it.

My birthday and going to bath

We went to bath for the weekend as it was my birthday. a bit stressful as we picked up the new car just before hand, but then it calmed down. it was a good weekend. i saw my brother again and went dress shopping for LJ and EJ’s wedding in italy. found a lovely ted baker dress. its lilac and slate, and understated. just how i like it. anyway, that took much of saturday. i then met up with jay, who i hadn’t seen for a very long time in the evening. it was really lovely weekend all in all.

so that kinda brings me up to speed, but i’m sure that over the next couple of days more will be added.