Socks and Barney

I absolutely love this comic strip (is that what you call them? online comics?). This one possibly isn’t as funny as other versions, but i still think he has a point.

Socks and Barney | The Daily Online Comic for Political Animals

I’m still not entirely sure why Clinton is in the running. although in some ways i don’t particularly care. its not me who lives in the country and has to put up with crack pot american politics. but then i remember that who runs the US has lots of implications on the rest of the world so we really have to pray for a sensible president. do those two words even go together?

I’ve been reading Bill Bryson‘s A walk in the woods. its a great book and i can’t hardly put it down. unfortunetaly i need to because i really should finish my european union health law essay. its due in about ten days time.

So on that note, i’ll continue to read my journals that are patiently sitting here, waiting for me to absorb their knowledge into my pea sized brain.

so anyway, if you get a chance, check out