well, lots has happened since i last wrote – i don’t even know when it was!anyway. we went to Burbage South and i led a route called Fox House Flake. i was so excited and terrified at the same time. it was really really slabby and i wasn’t going to fall off of it, but it would have been uncomfortable to fall if i did. AC got pretty burnt, so i had to spend the next three days rubbing after sun into his back. i handed my essays in and then slouched for three days on the couch watching movies.

we went to london for the weekend and i got battered. met up with AC’s mates who have a lovely apartment and had sushi. i don’t think that i would want to live in london. its really expensive and i don’ think that the crowds and stuff would keep me sane. it would probably do the opposite and send me over the edge.

i’ll probably write more. but have a deadline for my dissertation meeting which is tomorrow.