okay:have led a VS in burbage south! it was on pre placed gear, but i got up and did it. totally scared but i felt soooo good afterwards.

Photo (c) Zigglamont (http://www.ukclimbing.com/images/dbpage.html?id=71048)led on the main wall in the Foundry. Mainly 6as, but i have my eye on a couple of 6bs and a purple one which is a 6c. the hard bits are at the bottom, and that for some reason doesn’t scare me as much. that is probably insane.

managing some medium problems on the bouldering wall – worked long and hard on one, and i can’t remember which colour it was or where! Wait …the green in the bomb hole.

now – need to totally work on my core. and pinch holding. more time on the 43° degree board methinks!

okay. back to more work.