i can lead!

well the last two weeks have been interesting to say the least, in training terms.

first of all, i led a VS at burbage, but i think i mentioned that in my last post.

second, i have started leading seriously indoors. i started to do 6a’s indoors about two weeks ago, with ZB and felt fine. i didn’t want to fall, but i just wanted to get some stamina and do lots of reps of easy stuff as i hadn’t been up things for a while. that was okay, and i ached a bit afterwards. but it made me happy and a bit more confident.

then came the hard part. falling. i started by going up the 5.10 wall at the foundry and trying to throw myself of the dalmations, a 6c. i couldn’t do it. i physically started shaking and crying and generally having a bad time. AC refused to let me down until i tried to throw myself off at least once. and eventually, after about 20 min of hanging around sobbing at the end of a rope i did it. and it wasn’t that bad. so, i had progressed a little further.

the next big moment was last friday when i climbed until i fell off. i really didn’t like doing it, and was pumped out my box after the 3rd clip. however, i got to the fourth clip without hanging on the rope, had a wimper and then tried the next move. it was nails, and i fell. it wasn’t that bad actually! but since then i’m actually climbing harder than i thought that i could. 6c+ is what i can do, but i haven’t considered doing any 6b’s. so, i probably should try some. i don’t know though, they look harder than the 6c+’s that i am trying right now.

in other news, i am consistently attempting mediums on the bouldering wall, and i’m having a fight with an orange problem on the wave. i really need to sort the sequence out! i know it, but keep going with the wrong hand, which confuses me for the rest of the problem.

thats about it really.