i can fall!!

while not that many people understand quite why i’m so excited about falling, it’s a very momentous thing.

we went climbing at the Foundry on friday night, as we normally do. i was a bit nervous because i knew that i was going to have to fall at some point during the session. we started off easy and i just led 6a’s and 6a+. then had a short break and did a 6c that i fell off of earlier in the week.

i led the whole thing straight off! i couldn’t believe it. it was fantastic. anyway, after that i had to try a grey one on a different wall and it was harder, but i did it. not quite clean because i hung around on another climb trying to figure out the sequence because i didn’t look at it that well when i was on the ground. it should go fairly well when i try it again on friday.

then, i did a 7a, because i hadn’t fallen off yet. i knew that i was going to have to fall and i knew that i would probably fall off on this climb. anyway, i did, a couple of times. and then i managed to get past one of the cruxes and get to the next hold. unfortunately i didn’t get one up and then try clipping, so i fell while clipping, which is not something to be doing. it was pretty entertaining, but i won’t be doing it again.

lets see what happens next.