(c) Rebecca Belmore/Vancouver Art Gallery

now i don’t usually go around online looking for things like this, but i was checking up on canada’s news page today and found this photo. the article is on art/body language and other things like that, but i think this is fantastic. the article can be found here.i dread to think how much that hurt!

on other news, i’ve managed to write a bit more of my literature review today which is a relief. although i don’t think that its particularly wonderful. i’ve found more blogs to divert myself with, and have drank numerous cups of tea.

we’re going for a curry with NA, RG and another of NA’s friends tonight. tis all a bit celebratory as RG and AC have job related celebrations. AC got his promotion, and RG got his job in er. it was natasa’s birthday yesterday and i don’t have anything to celebrate! oh well. i’m sure something will come along. probably the hand in of my dissertation.

i’m starting to get the hang of endnote though.