once again i’m managing to make up things to procrastinate doing. like this. and other things as well. i’ve been on every forum that i’m a member on, read lots of blogs, played with the cats, cleaned the kitchen, updated endnote and generally done everything but write!

i had a horrible dream last night. i dreamt that i recieved my results for the last essays that i wrote and they were low. like 24% in international environmental law. so suffice to say, i’m not in the best mood to write things today.

we went for curry last night with RG, NA and some other people. it was a lovely meal. everyone got along, and people took the piss out of me and AC for talking as if sprocket was our child. in some ways he is, but luckily we don’t have to send him to university.

anyway, i suppose i should be editing my thing to send it to DF rather than writing on here.