Cliffhanger, Bouldering and Stuff…

this weekend has been really busy again. It was the cliffhanger festival at millhouses park both Saturday and Sunday, and my friends were up from brighton as well.

I worked Saturday in the Foundry and it was pretty much dead from 10 – 4(ish) and then it became ridiculously busy. People were coming from left, right and centre to buy climbing shoes and generally purchase climbing related merchandise. It was great. For the shop. For me, who had far too much coffee that day, it was a bit too much. Apparently it was very cold that day out in the park, so I’m not too fussed that I wasn’t working.

That evening, we had to start taking the bedroom apart because RN and AC are going to gut the attic and re-insulate it starting next weekend (or the weekend after). That means AC and I have to take the bed apart, get it down the stairs (without scraping the paint – but seeing as we’re gutting the place, I’m not sure that matters) and reassemble everything! It was rubbish. Anyway, it didn’t happen because AG, RM and AO came and picked me up to go and have a drink with them at the Three Stags Head near Foolow. It’s a great little pub, but J & P were on holiday – and there were people drinking LAGER in the pub, and playing on a DS!!!! I was shocked. The beer was good, the company great, and I’m totally jealous of AO for the travelling exploits that she was telling me about.

AC came and picked me up, braving the dogs who seemed to only want to sniff his crotch, and talking to my friends. My friends aren’t scary, but the pub where they frequent up this neck of the woods is, according to AC.

The next day, we woke up and putzed about taking the bed down/up and moving crap out of the attic. Then went to meet AO, AG, and RM in Curbar for some bouldering. I attempted this 6b and could NOT do it, need more strength, and some time in a grow bag. We then went to Cliffhanger once all fingers had lost skin to watch DM and some other people climb. It was a lovely, hot, sunny day and thoroughly enjoyable.

here’s AO climbing with the help of AC:

AC spotting with great attentiveness

AC spotting with great attentiveness

Hopefully this week we’ll get out on the bikes as well. But not sure how the week is panning out yet. We’ll see….