Wednesday climbing

Wednesday climbing is a regular occurrence for me and AC. We go every week, usually to catch up with RG, and the Wednesday group. Well, this week was no different. GM was there so AC mainly climbed with him while I worked on my swirly problem that I still could NOT do! It was so irritating. DM suggested a couple of alternate methods which seemed to work. AC had shown me the lanky way, and I certainly didn’t have the reach! So, that problem is nearly finished. Hopefully I’ll be able to link it up on Friday before doing routes, but if not, it’ll be a Monday goal.

On other climbing related news, I flashed a green problem on the bleaustone wall which I’d not been able to do last week. That made me ever so pleased, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it again now.

I’m currently in the library and may see NA later on today for a chat. I can’t spend too long in the library without going a bit mad.

In sprocket related news, I had yet another phone call from a lady down the road (across the main/busy road) saying that she had sprocket (who was a regular apparently) and he seemed distressed. I, not realizing quite where she lived, told her to boot him out and that I would go should for him. About twenty minutes later when he still hadn’t turned up, I got a bit worried. So I went looking for him, only to find him underneath a car on the corner of this busy rabbit run shouting his head off. So I grabbed him up and took him home. He didn’t go out any more that day. It is worrying to think that his new route goes across such a busy road. Hopefully he has had a couple of near misses so wont’ do it again!