I have not been a big fan of GriGris since a rather traumatic episode with one in the Gorge de Tarn in April. I was belaying AC up a 6C+ route and it went a bit wrong. No one was hurt, and stuff but it could have ended badly. AC was climbing, and had to make a rather committing move with the change of falling quite far, and I was belaying him with a fairly fat rope in the GriGri. It had been sticking before, and I wasn’t confident. Essentially, I gave him lots of slack so that he could clip in and then he thought he was about to fall off, so I took it all in. Then, when he found a big jug to clip from, he tried to clip, only to have the GriGri stick. Suffice to say, AC was not happy, I was very upset and didn’t feel happy, confident or capable of using a grigri again.

ZB showed me how to use a grigri a bit after and I felt a bit better, but still not particularly happy. I’m still not that happy even now, although I will use it. The new rope that we have is much slicker and I find it doesn’t stick that much unlike the outside rope, so we’ll have to see what happens the next time that we go outside.

Anyway, I came across this video on the website. It’s good for picking up technique, and its nice to see that I’m using the recommended belaying technique. I guess it will just take time for me to get used to it.