Okay, I’ve tried to post this a couple of times now, and it hasn’t worked. So, I’ll try for the third time and leave it in whatever way it ends up.

AC, GW and I took the van down to Pembroke for the weekend. It was, to quote JD from Scrubs, “Awesome”. The drive down was gorgeous, and we drove through these twisty little roads and picturesque little villages and hamlets.

The Van

The Van

We had to use these roads as it was the quickest and most direct way down there, but the van doesn’t go that fast so it was prudent to use these roads rather than the motorway. The van did make it, after about six hours travel.

The Coastal Road between Abba and St Davids

After arriving, in the gorgeous sun and setting up, the BBQ came out and we had dinner and then headed to the pub. The next day, the sun still shone and the sea was glittering against the rocks. So, we went climbing. It took a whole five minutes to walk to the crag (at the end of our campsite), and as the tide was coming up, set up a couple of topropes. There was also a newbie in the group so a top rope is probably a smarter move than abbing in and telling him to climb up again.

After high tide (And a brief bike into St Davids to buy a hat and sunglasses), we went to Whitesands Beach where we scrambled down to another crag. I led something here (very exciting)! It was a Diff and I can’t remember the name of it. Anyway, I was happy.

The Diff that I Led

The Diff that I Led

After that excitement, not much else happened. We chilled out in the evening playing poker and the next day went for a walk. It was so hot that I jumped into the sea! It was a bit nippy, I grant you. It was totally worth it, as the water was beautiful, green and clear. AC sat around watching, while GW and I dived in, hat and all.

GW and I on some Rocks

GW and I on some Rocks

Okay. Its a rather short and boring post, but I’ve attempted to write it about three times so I’m bored of it now!


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  1. Thanks. I moved over to wordpress as blogspot was irritating me.

    Pembroke is wonderful for climbing! As i’m a nervous leader, it was so much friendlier than gritstone for gear placement and everything! 😀

  2. The cliffside route looks great. You’d need a pretty big Friend to stick into that space though! 🙂

    Like the new look for the blog too, makes reading much easier.

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