House woes

House woes indeed. AC and I realised we needed to reinsulated the loft (our bedroom) half way through last winter when Sprocket dived under the duvet shivering, and the glasses next to our bed were shrouded in frost. RN, a mate from the Foundry agreed to help AC re-insulate the attic over the next two weeks. So, AC and RN started to destroy the room on Monday. Since then they have found a number of things wrong with the room which has sent RN into fits of worries, and slightly hysterical giggles, and AC into rants over fudging and DIY doctors.

Anyway, they took the boards off and found that we had no insulation whatsoever, just some token silver coated bubble wrap about the width of my little finger. Totally pointless. On the plus side, they didn’t create that much mess due to the fact that there wasn’t anything to cause mess in the first place, but the underside of the roof tiles and tile liner.

However, here comes the fun part: the roof pailing wasn’t held up by anything, the joists weren’t exactly attached to the floor and the way that the previous occupants had strengthened the floor and prevent bounce was by fixing it to the roof. I expect a couple of “Hunh’s?” because that is pretty shit. I know. So, instead of coming to reinsulated the roof, RN is having to shore up the roof, by building a brick wall to bridge the gap between the floor bit and the roof, rip out the floor and start from the bottom up. Its absolutely crazy.

More horror stories tomorrow.

And pictures.


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