Its Finished

I’ve finished. Totally – well not quite totally – but pretty much finished my Masters. I handed my thesis in a week early and since then I’ve been dossing and sorting the house out.

AC went to Wales with his colleagues on the weekend, so I had the weekend to myself. I climbed a lot, and worked and generally didn’t get much sleep. Sprocket managed to get some sort of bug and shat everyhwere. It was so rank that it nearly made me throw up. But, the climbing was good. We went to the climbing works twice and my fingers haven’t really forgiven me yet. The first session was mainly a ploddle and I went around the 4 – 6a circuit and the second session was a bit harder and focussed more on slopers. I was knackered from the walk over there too.

Anyway, its not long until we go to Italy for a week and I’m so looking forward to it, although I’m still paranoid that I have lost AC’s camera.

I don’t really have much to say. Other than they have reset the foundry wall and its rubbish. Or more accurately, its set at a harder level than I can climb. And I need new shoes. And I would like a new harness. And that is about it.


One thought on “Its Finished

  1. Which wall have they reset? I didn’t notice on Wednesday as I was in the Furnace trying to do one of the climbs in there before they reset it!

    Will see you Friday if you are in. Might actually have a read conversation too!

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