Christmas Greetings….

it seems that our christmas hasn’t really started yet. while we had lobster last night (and i enjoyed watching the poor things being fitted for the pot) and then watched WALL.E, not much christmassy things have been done. AC has a new laptop, an acer aspire and it is nifty. i really would love one. no other presents have been opened and our christmas dinner is being cooked as we speak. or write. and i’m in charge of the roasties. what a responsibility!

hopefully, the meal will be lovely and then we can enjoy the massive chocolate pudding that we have from Costco. now how we managed before we found that place, i’ll never know. most of our christmas dinner, and provisions for our holiday are from there. best go check the potatoes again. and we’re good.

i’ll try and write a bit more in a couple of hours. i’ve just sat down to watch hard grit. haven’t seen it in a while and hopefully it will get me in the mood for gritstone again, rather than plastic.

we’ve packed and i’m now simmering down and listening to vaughn williams. its all very nice. i can hear the dishwasher in the background which adds a certain sense of modernity into it. i’ve finished tidying up, and now i just want to pass out, but its a bit early yet.

vaughn williams is a bit sad – which isn’t a wonderful word and creates sweeping statements that i don’t really mean. all i can suggest is that he’s very melodic and beautiful but melancholy. its wonderful, but not what i would want to listen to if i was grieving or upset. he is traditional english and i can understand why people associate his music with england. until now, i had never properly listened to him. of course i can identify different parts of his compositions from television and other sources.

on other notes, our loft has been finished – finally! we’ve had the new floor down, put up all the insulation and even stained and varnished the wood! how exciting. now we have to get a plasterer in and then paint. then, perhaps about a year later, the loft will be done.

we’re going to dartmoor soon. i’m hoping to get out bouldering if the weather is good. otherwise i can see myself wandering around abandoned villages from the medieval times and lots of different ruins.