1/2 a long weekend

I’m currently sitting on the sofa with my cat by my side. His nose is rested on the keyboard and he keeps butting my fingers with his nose so that i pet him. Currently he’s being ignored but he’s not so fussed.

this weekend has been pretty good. saturday was a bit of a wash out – actually, lets start on friday. friday was very busy at work and by god i was pleased it was finished. then we went down to the foundry and i actually pulled on – not too strong mind you – but i managed to latch the top of a L3 and possibly next session be able to link it. the crux (i’ve never actually written that word, hope its correct) is at the bottom so will have to definitely work on it. the others had been biking in dalby so they were totally shattered meaning that the session was a lot shorter than normal.

we then tried a hilarious little restaurant in the locality. it was probably about the size of the front room with at least 9 tables in it. the owner was eccentric to say the least. he had a waistcoat on that was, or at least, could have been the off cuts of somebody’s sofa upholstery in the 80s, or maybe the 70s. it was clearly unwashed and just around his paunch there was engrained grease stains so much that the embroidery had faded and it was all one horrible, stained colour. this was over a pair of clearly well worn and little washed trousers; and completed with unwashed hands, long and grimy fingers and funny hair.

the food was disgusting, overpriced and its suffice to say that i’ll never go back there again.

saturday was a wash out. i worked and then shopped and then had people over, watched eurovision and went to bed.

in fact i’m going to go to bed now so the story (fun that its not) is never going to be told.

i did finish reading Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay. now that is a good book, and i may even review it in a couple of days time when i finish all the editing work stuff that i’m doing at the moment.