a less than average day

after a long day of it sucking i’m at home now. work has been rubbish today. i hate the place now and just want to start my phd. i think i’ve finished my proposal now but we’ll have to see. the university have the application and hopefully it will be sent off soon – well it’ll have to be as the deadline is the end of the month.

because i’m currently editing an academic book, working on my proposal and still working at the firm i resent the work that i’m doing there. its so far below my level but i still seem to be making silly mistakes and resent the time spent away from the other work that i’m doing and enjoy much more. even though editing isn’t exactly the most stimulating thing in the world.

okay. whinge over.

just about to go for a meal with the in-laws. trying a new restaurant in the area so i’m totally looking forward to it.