last week at work

today will be the last week at work. i seriously cannot wait until friday when i don’t have to go back to that place and i can start studying for real.

went for a run today, it was supposed to be from the end of stanage to longshaw estate but i had to stop at burbage as my friend fell open and ended up gashing her knee right down to the bone. A picked us up and we then drove back to the start of the run and J then drove home and onto the minor injuries unit. J ended up with 3 stitches and told not to run for a week. luckily she only needs to have 1 week off and the stitches come out in 2 weeks.

currently watching the f1 and fuming about the ferraris. never mind – it really doesn’t affect me at all.

i’ve started physio and that has really helped my climbing. although i do need to do some today so i’m going to go an do that now.

after that i’ll be going to the foundry for a quick training session and then home again for food – salmon ceviche and gruyere soufflé