…And Relax

its been a long time coming but i have finally finished work. my last week was horrendous. i had pretty much nothing to do for the first part of it, and then it seemed that my colleagues realised that i was leaving and threw lots of stuff at me. i guess it kept me busy, but i really couldn’t find much momentum or enthusiasm to do anything, and it probably didn’t help that we realised the kitchen was extremely damp, so A and i have come to the conclusion that we’re probably going to have to gut the kitchen and start from the bottom up. this means getting a new damp course put in, taking out the chimney breast, putting a new hung timber floor and then the plastering, new kitchen and plastering/painting. its going to be a fun october and september. this meant that i was surfing looking for new kitchens, designs, and things which would be useful. i found some curious things which in a smaller house like ours would be useful:

By Harvey Jones:

10-Harvey-Jones - clever larder

I like this idea, it keeps all the things such as spices, dry goods and perhaps, maybe keeping the vegetables in the drawers and stuff.

This one from B & Q:

Duetto-pull-and-swing-lg--gt_full_width_landscape is pretty clever as well.

we went to Wales over last week. I finally did a couple of routes that i wanted to do last time i went to the Pass boulders in Llanberis – and they felt easy. A tried jerry’s roof, he successfully linked the first two moves, which is better than the last time he attempted it. he then promptly fell into a pile of sheep shit. i may have laughed a bit.

we also went to the rac boulders and i kept falling off the crux of a v4 which was annoying – i simply don’t have the power to get through it. its a bit shouldery. maybe in a couple of more attempts i would have got it, but the people we were with were getting bored and sore. i did re-do a v3 again, so it wasn’t all bad.

we stayed at the idwal cottage yha which was a great place. really quiet and it had both jenga, and pool so there were things to do in the evening other than drink. i remembered how bad i was at pool and lost at jenga too.

i met my niece for the first time last weekend as well. she’s adorable and very chilled out. she only cries when either mum or dad aren’t in the room or not giving her the full attention that she needs.

right – i better go off and do some more reading as that is why i had quit work.