A hot and hay-fevery weekend

Well this weekend has been busy!

We drove down to my OH’s father’s boat house with the intention to do some serious gardening and planning for other, much needed, renovations and decorating to get it in a state to rent. This weekend happened to be the hottest weekend that the UK has had for a long time and we we finally arrived at the boathouse, it was clear that my hayfever was kicking in. I endeavoured to help out, but the garden was a meadow and the amount of pollen was crazy. The only hope for it was to get out of there, so I went for a walk.

Walking towards Chertsey through a tunnel of greenery. Photo: Canadiankate

I walked along a golf course in the beautiful and hot sunshine. I wasn’t too bad even though there was a lot of plants and pollen around. In the grand scheme of things it was definitely the better option though.

When I arrived in Chertsey, there was a fair on in the local park. It was mainly aimed at kids, so I went for a wander and found a wonderful deli where I sat down, had a drink and read my kindle. After a while I ordered some delicious olives and wandered back to the boathouse again.

Walking from Chertsey

Walking from Chertsey. Photo: Canadiankate

When I arrived back, my OH and his father were cracking open cans of beer and the meadow had been tamed. Immediately my hayfever kicked back in. Down went more antihistamines and that combined within alcohol meant that I was no good for the rest of the evening and the next day.

Sunday was also hot. I spent much of it in a comatose, but had a lovely BBQ in the evening with the OH and a friend. On the menu was prawns, homemade burgers, salad and ribs.

All in all, a lovely weekend, marred only with hayfever.