My new RHA MA-350 headphones are AWESOME!

My sennheiser earphones finally gave up the ghost last week. I’m not sure which is more annoying, having completely broken earphones or just having ones that only work in one ear. Either which, I needed a new pair. I’m not a particularly musical person, but I really appreciate listening to ‘banging’ tunes when out running or walking to and from work. While at work, there are certain times when I really appreciate being able to block out ambient noise – mainly during the summer when hayfever sniffles abound, and in winter with the usual freshers flu making the rounds in the PhD department.

So, I did some research via What Hi Fi? and within my budget these three earphones were rated the best:

  • SoundMAGIC PL11
  • SoundMAGIC PL30
  • Sennheiser CX300-II
  • RHA MA-350

After reading the review on What Hi Fi, I had narrowed my choice down to the RHA MA-350 and the SoundMAGIC PL30. I then checked out some other reviews through Google, mainly to find out what these these earphones were like when used for running and other aerobic sports. I really hate the banging noise that can come through some earphones when the cable hits something else. I found numerous reviews that basically said that these two earphones were just as good as each other. The added benefit of the RHA’s is that they come with a 3 year guarantee. As I own a cat that has chewed my earphones in the past, and the fact that I use my earphones everywhere, I figured that this would be a useful thing to have. Obviously, I realise that RHA wouldn’t replace headphones chewed by cats, but I thought that the guarantee would be a good thing.

RHA MA350 Earphones. Photo: RHA Audio

RHA MA350 Earphones. Photo: RHA Audio

So, I’ll give a bit more a complete review after using them for a couple of weeks. I hear that earphones can take up to 100 hours to bed down to give their true sound. In the meantime, here are my initial impressions:

  • The sound is amazing. I think it’s actually better than my older sennheisers (C-300B, I think).
  • I’m not sure about the fit in my ear. I can tell that I’m wearing them. I will try changing the earbud size to see if that fixes it.
  • After jiggling about while wearing them (I may have been dancing), they do give a bit of background banging noise, but not so much as to be very noticeable.

Right, that’s the first review that I’ve really done. What do you think? Anything else that I could comment on?


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