A hot, hot session at the Foundry

Wow. Wednesday was HOT. And I mean HOT. To the point of being unbearable when climbing.

I got to The Foundry full of psych to try hard and train well. I realise that recently I’ve been losing that a bit and really wanted to enjoy climbing, rather than just getting frustrated with the problems and feeling like I’m constantly hitting a glass wall. I started on some easy (well, apparently) L1s and they felt hard. I felt like I was melting and a giant sack of bleurgh getting up them. I persevered and I’m not sure if it was the heat or that I’m really unfit, or my head isn’t in the right place but I didn’t feel good climbing. I was using my harms and thugging my way up rather than climbing efficiently.

I thought I’d move onto some L2s to see if that would be more fun. It wasn’t really. I tried a couple on the Wave – which was very empty – and my right arm was feeling odd and feet weren’t cooperating. I figured that I wasn’t particularly warmed up so let that be. Also, I don’t think I really wanted to climb. But I was down there and so persevered. The OH and a friend were trying the neon yellows and pinks in the bomb bay area. I had more luck with these last time I tried them and I sucked!

By this time I was truly hot, bothered and in a grump. I’d already stripped to ‘Pooch’ pants and my sports bra (which I actually found really nerve-racking, but I think that’s another post) and couldn’t really get any cooler. I continued to try a neon yellow L2 in that OH and a Friend had cruised.

It starts with an undercut and a pinch type hold, moves up onto a bigger flat hold, but to get any further, you need to put a toe hook under the pinch hold, take a foot off and thug. I worked this move a couple of times, and got it fine. Then I worked the next move, a side throw out to a sidepull. Great.

The next part of the sequence, not so much. It required some foot faggotry, lots of repeated goes, lots of sweat, and more grump. You’re throwing to a fairly flat and un-positive pinch-y sloper. To reach this hold, I needed to swap feet, push off a feature and hope like hell. I then had to match the rubbish hold, do more foot faggotry, and get a heel hook on a hold that I couldn’t see and always felt marginal.

All this to get to another slopery, not great hold. Which I got, after repeated goes. Great. So, then I had to move up and grab a small undercling above my head. I tried moving my feet every which way. I heel hooked. I balanced on features. I fell. Lots. I got grumpy.

I moved on.

By this point I was truly unpsyched so decided to go and do more core work/campus boarding. However, after looking at my fingers, I thought that campusing would not be the best idea.

Fingers on a hot day

Fingers on a hot day

I did some core work, which felt really hard. And then played on the 30º Board. Managed two sequences and felt bolloxed.

It was too hot to be on the board

It was too hot to be on the board

Got changed. Went to the pub.

Some stats:


  • 3 x 30″ Plank; 15″ rest
  • 3 x 15 crunches; 2 x 10 crunches; 1 x 5 crunches
  • 19 Spidermen
  • 3 x lower leg raises


  • 5 L1
  • 2 L2

All in all, not the greatest of training sessions. Where has my psych gone?!


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