Social ride in the Peak District

Friday was a very active day.

I got up early for a ride with friends around the Peak District, starting from a pub a little way away. By 8:30, it was already very hot, so rolling down some hills felt really good. My legs felt okay, although I’m never my best so early in the morning.

We took a leisurely route past Burbage, Stanage and down into Hathersage, before heading up towards Great Hucklow. Now, I quite like short, sharp hills as I’d like to think that I have a fair amount of power so I took off up the hill to take a picture of the rest of the train following. It was a bit too hot to be doing anything that strenuous!

Coming up towards Great Hucklow. Photo: Canadiankate

We wended our way around the quieter country roads in the Peak District. I found some lovely new routes that include fairly gentle hills and I think they’ll be good after work training rides. However, I still managed to get a QOM up one of the hills! How long that will last, I’m not so sure.

Eventually, we passed through Foolow and into Eyam where we stopped for a lemonade and a bit of a rest. It was very hot by this point.


Lemonade stop. Photo: Canadiankate

Starting off again, the route went through Grindleford and then back towards Sheffield. One by one the group peeled off to make their way back to their respective parts of the city. I powered it home as a) I was super hungry and b) I was running late for work. I had tired legs by the time I got back to the house, and by the time I ended up at work, they were very tired.

This did not bode well for climbing.

After work we headed to Stoney Middleton for a play at Minus 10 area. I can safely say that this wall is hard! I think the easiest problem that was in the bouldering guide started at 6c+, other than an ‘ungraded dyno’. So, I warmed up and really wasn’t that psyched for some super glassy, and very polished limestone with contrived problems.

Minus 10 Wall. Photo: Canadiankate

Minus 10 Area. Look at the enthusiasm.  Photo: Canadiankate

So, I warmed up as much as I could at a wall with hard problems and started working some of the moves on the 6c+. I did get a couple, but my feet literally stayed on some of the holds for milliseconds before being spat off. Also, my fingers weren’t particularly warmed up and I had expended a fair amount of energy cycling in the morning. I wasn’t expecting great things, and didn’t really achieve that much.

Not Ned's Problem, Minus 10 Area. Photo: Canadiankate

Not Ned’s Problem (7b+), Minus 10 Area. Photo: Canadiankate

Strangely, I felt more comfortable on a 7b+ (Not Ned’s Problem) to the left of the 6c+. It started on two holds in a break, moved out leftwards to a (marginal) sidepull/sloper/crimp before going up rightwards to a very small crimp. Then I had to get my feet sorted to bear down on the crimp to go up to a slightly better hold, but very far away before going for the top break (jug).

I could work the first three moves in isolation, and could link the second two. However, I couldn’t stop the barn door going from the marginal sidepull/sloper to the crimp. And going for the crimp was miles away!! Anyway, rocking onto the marginal foot hold was super powerful and massively painful on my right hand fingers. I tried the move a couple of more times and think that if I was a bit fresher I could probably link the problem, but maybe still find the final rock up very hard.

Shortly after, we went for food.

Some Stats:


  • Average HR: 154
  • Max HR: 184
  • Total distance: 53.7km
  • Max speed: 61.6 km/h


  • Tops: None
  • Worked: Not Ned’s Problem
  • Psych scale: 5/10