An average session at the Climbing Works

Today was a climbing day.  This time I trained at the Climbing Works, and wasn’t sure what I was going to achieve. In the end I did pretty well:

  • I warmed up, working some of the new reds and felt okay. Not strong, but okay.
  • I worked the new Yellows
  • Topped quite a few of the Yellows – even flashed on a slab. That’s right, a slab.
  • Topped a couple before the OH did.
  • Did some core work with Friends and the OH. It hurt by the end.

All in all, a quick session followed by brewing (tomorrow’s post) and some errands.

Some stats:


  • Worked the new Yellows
  • Did about 10 problems
  • Topped 7 problems


  • 2 x 20, 2 x 15, 3 x 10, 1 x 10 Crunches
  • 3 x 30″ planks
  • 18 Spidermans
  • 3 x 8 leg raises