A week with my RHA MA-350 headphones

So, I’ve had my new ear phones for about 10 days and in that time I have used them for:

  • Cutting out office noises (mainly coughing, sniffing and other hay fever related noises).
  • Running off-road and on road.
  • Training at the wall.
  • Commuting


I think the sound quality of these headphones is fantastic! I’m starting to enjoy and rediscover my music collection again, and want to go out and buy more. The sound feels balanced and very deep. Even when walking around, I can hear the different elements of the music. I was listening to Howard Goodall’s Enchanted Voices while walking along a busy road at rush hour. I could still pick up all the nuances in the music and feel like I was off in my own little world supported by the music. At the other end of the scale, when training, I want to listen to banging tunes (usually something like this) and block out the other music that is playing. These headphones work perfectly in both situations.

I’m not really a music aficionado, so I can’t really comment on the technical elements of these headphones. I’ve included some other reviews that are a bit more technical at the bottom of the post that might be more helpful on the tech front. I think they really do seem to produce a lovely sound which is still clean and crisp at all levels.

RHA MA-350 headphones. Photo: Canadiankate

RHA MA-350 headphones. Photo: Canadiankate


I’m a bit disappointed with the comfort and fit of these headphones. The sound is excellent (see above), but when playing quieter music, the noise from the cable is very pronounced and can get annoying when trying to work or doing activities with head movement. I have to say that I only really notice it at work, and if the cable is tucked down my top and bra, it alleviates the banging a lot.

The shape of the ear buds are different from my old pair (Sennheisers) and took some getting used to. I think they definitely produce better sound, but the flatter profile also means that there are sharper angles which can get uncomfortable. I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep with these in, unlike the old pair. Also, I start to get very aware of them after a time and need a break from them. This is usually after a couple of hours, so it’s not a big deal.

I love the plastic tie that means that the overall slack of the cable can be tightened or lessened. This goes a long way in reducing the banging of the cable when working and being active.

RHA MA-350 headphones. Photo: Canadiankate

RHA MA-350 headphones. Photo: Canadiankate

Suitability for sports

These are very good for general training like campusing, core work and doing easy circuits. I’ve not used them on the turbo trainer yet (it’s summer!) but I expect they’d be pretty good in that situation as well.

When running, I really appreciate the plastic tie to take in the slack. This, combined with running the cable down underneath my bra really reduces any banging through the cable and keeps it out of the way. However, because they sound quality and passive noise isolation is so good, I can really hear how hard I’m working!

RHA MA-350 headphones, side on. Photo: Canadiankate

RHA MA-350 headphones. I really like the plastic slide to take in the slack. Photo: Canadiankate


All in all, I still really like these headphones and I’m pleased with my choice. They’re very good at cutting out external noise, give beautiful sound (I’m listening to Lissie and it sounds awesome). The comfort level is okay – it could be better, but it’s not terrible. In the sports that I enjoy, they’re holding up well and don’t distract me. I just hope that they are more robust than the others that I’ve owned! Thus far, they seem it.