To Bakewell and Back

I went for a long ride on Saturday. We aimed to ride to Bakewell and back, via some wiggles to get at least 60km or more under our belt.

So the ride started a bit scrappy but became lovely. After leaving the house late, the OH and I had to pretty much sprint to meet a friend at the bottom of Froggatt. On the way down, I came across a friend coming up. I waved, he waved and we moved on. I was really surprised at how my legs felt considering that at the beginning of the ride, I had a niggle in my right knee, I felt like lead and generally wanted to turn around and go back to bed. That might have been because we had to pretty much go flat out for about 20km right off the bat.

After meeting up with my friend at the bottom of Froggatt, we headed up past Hassop and towards Bakewell that way. I really enjoyed the road. It was quite busy, but also really undulating and it felt like one that would be great for pushing harder, rather than poddling along having a chat.

Rose in Bakewell

Rose in Bakewell. Photo: Canadiankate

We arrived at Bakewell really quickly – only about 30km into the ride, and then had a quick break to fuel and water and then set off for Chatsworth. My OH loves 13 Bends and we ended up doing that twice in the ride. We also explored some of the side roads that we have never gone down and came into Pilsley, which was a lovely little village. Eventually we joined 13 Bends again, and I was hoping that we would go back through Chatsworth, but other peoples’ legs weren’t feeling that great so we headed back towards Sheffield.

The OH and I set off up Grindleford and I tried to keep my HR underneath 170 the whole way up. This meant sitting in granny and not putting any effort in. That said, I could turn a harder gear than the OH and I ended up having to wait for about 10 minutes at the top for him. This pattern continued throughout the rest of the ride and I took the time to take the snaps at the end of this post.

All in all, while I didn’t enjoy the beginning, I really enjoyed it in the end. Not trying particularly hard was a novel experience, and I constantly had to fight not be pushing myself the whole time. It was a strangely liberating experience, but I still felt bad not trying to beat my time up Grindleford.

Roper Hill sign up roper hill

Some stats:

  • Average HR: 147
  • Max HR: 179
  • Max speed 54.4 km/h
  • Total distance: 63.7 km