Training Wednesday 31.07.2013

I’m not entirely sure where this week went! I tried to train thee times instead of my usual two. However, it was so muggy and sticky on Wednesday that I really lost all drive.

I turned up at the foundry and warmed up slowly. This meant playing in the corridor and on the L1s in the main hall. I then tried an L2 on the main wall that was an arête. I couldn’t do one of the moves for no lack of trying. Eventually I managed the move in isolation and then couldn’t link it.

By this point my arm was really really sore so went home.

Thing I learnt:

  1. I really need to turn my attitude around. Instead of just thinking getting up a problem is an achievement, doing isolated moves is just as good.
  2. I can’t climb great when I’ve buried myself at work
  3. Muggy heat is not conducive to climbing strong, which I have to do at the Foundry.

Great blog post eh?