New black circuit at the Climbing Works

The last week has been very, very busy. I’ve had a chapter due which took me a long time to revise and get sorted in my head. By wednesday I was very worried about it and also resented that it was taking so much mental and emotional energy to draft. I think that’s why Wendnesday’s climbing session was such a write-off. I was drained by the time I arrived at the Foundry.

Friday was much better. I had a bit of a lie-in so felt more refreshed and broke the back of my chapter by the end of the working day. The OH and I then went to the Climbing Works to meet some friends and try out the new black circuit.

Shoes & feet. Photo: Canadiankate

Because it was the only new circuit, loads of people were trying it from the beginning. The OH and I started somewhere in the middle. The moves were pretty fun, on the whole. There were some quite big moves and some balancy step overs in problems, but I got up most first or second go. This is such an improvement from earlier this year where I still found the blacks quite hard going.

I think there is something psychological about them as well. They were my nemesis for quite a while because they were right at the edge of my ability. This was really frustrating as most of my Friends could get up them really easily. Also, the holds used aren’t my favourite types.

Anyway, there were about 35 problems in the circuit and I did about 27 of them on Friday. There were 3 that I found very difficult to downright impossible. 4 that I didn’t even try, and a couple which I expect I should be able to do after a couple of sessions.

On the plus side, I really worked on using my hips and glutes to rock over instead of my lower back. I felt like this really helped with standing up and staying in control. So there were two problems where I actually felt my hips engaging.  Both involved a press.

The first was on a slabby/off-vertical wall and I had to get a heel up onto the start hold rock over and then match on a very small crimp before reaching over to another very small crimp and then standing up to the final hold. This was very difficult for me. I found the crimp was too small to be able to match on it and as a result, I tried to turn it into a press and miss out the very small crimp. This really didn’t work. I think that I’ll be able to crack the problem on a cooler day.

The second was on an overhanging wall and involved a press/rock-over to a a very good hold. I tried, and tried and just couldn’t rock over far enough to reach it. My Friends complemented me on this move and said they could really see my hips flicking to try and reach it.

By that point I was pretty tired and most of my Friends were packing up to go get curry. There is something pretty amazing about the first pint post climbing.

As an aside, I’m also taking part in the Instagram #augustbreak2013 photo challenge. I’ll incorporate each days’ picture in my blog. It’s likely that they’ll be a day late, and a bit out of sequence, but I’ll try to make it clear which day’s task was which.

Friday’s #augustbreak2013 challenge was #circles. I took a photo of my pint.

Beer. Photo: Canadiankate

However, the day didn’t end with curry. Once getting home, it was clear the cat was not in a good place. He had recently fought off an abscess near the base of his tail which needed antibiotics. Clearly, he’d been in another fight and was suffering again.

The OH tried to pick him up, and the cat cried. I’ve never heard a cat cry, and I don’t want to again. We took him to the emergency vets and she gave him heavy painkillers and antibiotics with instructions to return tomorrow to have it cleaned out.

So, Friday was a very full day!