Wet and windy biking in the Peak District

Wow! Saturday was really, really busy!

To start with, I had to drop the cat off at the vets to get his abscess drained, then I tried to finish my chapter so that I could revise it before submission on Monday, and I also wanted to go out on my bike. The OH was in London doing errands for his dad and wanted me to pick up some food for dinner.

I dropped the cat off at the vet, which was really heart wrenching because he looked so forlorn. He’d slept in my sweater drawer all night and both me and the OH had woken repeatedly to make sure that he was okay. At some point in the night, he’d managed to burst the abscess and looked better in the morning. That said, he still wasn’t walking very well and did not look himself, so off to the vets we went. I had to pick him up by 3:30 pm, so as soon as I got home, I did an hour of work on my chapter and then went out on the bike.

The weather was crap. I had a head wind pretty much every direction that I went, and my legs were aching! It started raining about 20 minutes into the ride and by that point I had committed to going out so I carried on.

I did about 60 km and for the most part I suffered. I enjoyed being out, and tried keep my heart rate low. I think I’ve been pushing myself too hard, so tried to keep it under 170 for most of the time and under 160 when on the flats. Of course, when going up Froggatt, loads of blokes overtook me and shouted encouragement. I just wanted to shout back, “I’m not this unfit! I’m just taking it easy!” This was especially the case when one guy overtook me and then shouted encouragement when he was on the way back down Froggatt for another lap.

I didn’t think that I had anything left in me at the top of Froggatt, but set a really good pace on the way back, until I hit another hill and then I just suffered.

I got home about 2:00 and knew that I had to pretty much turn around and go back out if I was to do the shopping and pick up the cat. So, I had something to drink and then dashed out the door.

I picked up the cat and he looked really forlorn. He had a drain in his back as the abscess was so big and so many shaved parts that his new nickname is Patches. That said, he was much more alert and clearly in less pain. Here’s a photo of him looking a bit nonplussed with his cone of shame. I had to make it bigger as this one meant he could still try to chew the drain out.

So, I tried to do some work, and had to give up to keep an eye on the cat. He was too determined to eat his drain and generally wanted some love and comfort.

Eventually the OH got home, so I spent Saturday night doing some work.

Oh no! The Cone of Shame! Photo: Canadiankate

Some stats:

  • Total distance: 59 km
  • Average speed: 22.2 km/h
  • Max speed: 55.4 km/h
  • Average HR: 158