Training Sunday 04.08.2013

Once again, I had a busy, busy day.

I got up and did some more editing work on my Chapter. The OH made breakfast and then we started to get ready for the day. We were going to go to our Friend’s house for brewing later on, so I panicked a bit and packed my work to do while brewing. Suffice to say, that didn’t happen!

So, it was the Climbing Works again on Sunday. As we had done most of the blacks on Friday, and I was bolloxed after my ride on Saturday, I wanted to do an easy(ish) circuit and then see what I could get up. Unfortunately the weather didn’t help and loads of groups who had intended to climb in the Peak were also at the Works. I did most of the green and pink spotties before getting annoyed at people climbing over/under me. By this time I had warmed up a fair amount and didn’t feel too bad. The Snickers bar and Cappuccino probably helped with this. As I don’t eat that much processed stuff, any sugary stuff really kicks in!

I tracked down the OH and we then started ticking off (or not, as the case was) the blacks that we hadn’t done on Friday. After getting bored with that, we went on to playing on some of the yellows and whites that we hadn’t tried. I kept dropping the top move on one of the yellows and got pretty frustrated. By the end of the session, I had the sequence for the problem dialled! Hopefully it’ll go before the set gets taken down.

I then tried a murple on the vertical wall. It was a combination of strong, shouldery moves and delicate footwork. I repeatedly fell off trying to shift weight so I could move my hand. After that we moved on to some more yellows and my left arm lock was not playing! I think the problem would definitely go when I’m fresh. I finished the session topping a murple, and that makes me very pleased!

Feet & shoes. Photo: Canadiankate

After doing some core work, we packed up and orderd some sushi for brewing sustenance.

This time we’re doing a tripel karmeliet style beer. We ate sushi while the grains were mashing and then watched some of the Ride London. I got quite squiffy by the end of the brewing session!

A peleton of bottles. Photo: Canadiankate