Training at the Foundry

Wednesday was a good day! I was a bit tired, but nothing too bad. I finished work fairly early and with some energy left. After walking down to the Foundry, I had a small snack and then started climbing.

When warming up, I was really surprised at how pumped I was getting. It was really painful! I think it may have had something to do with being a passenger on my OH’s motorbike last night. It was the first time that I had been on the bike of a bike for a long time (4 years) and the 2nd time I’d been on the back ever. I definitely over-gripped for the first half of the ride. After that I knew what to expect, so could relax a bit. Anyway, I could certainly feel the burn the following day.

I did a couple of L1s to warm up and then moved on and started working some L2s. I started on the Bleaustone Wall as I’ve not really worked anything on there for a long time. There was one problem which I had played on before, and not linked the first 3 moves. On Wednesday, I didn’t seem to find these moves a problem and topped to problem in two attempts. The move that I had been struggle with seemed really easy and it all came down to footwork and weight transfer. Essentially, I had to trust my foot on a feature and get enough momentum to grab a hold on a volume. Once I did that, I could then stand up and go for the next hold for my left hand. Then I stepped my feet up a bit, locked my right hand down to my waist (well, not quite, but nearly) and go again with the left hand for the final jug. I’m surprised it took me so long to do!

Michaela Tracey competing on the Bleaustone Wall. Photo: Paul Bennett Photography

I then worked on a problem that took me ages to get the first time around. Not because it’s particularly difficult, but because it’s a bit scary at the top. Suffice to say, I didn’t get it again and swore never to try to repeat it again (which means that I really ought to).

The penultimate problem that I worked was a pink on the wave. I’d been trying it off an on for a couple of weeks and not getting anywhere. There’s a very tall move to a crimp with my left hand and then I have to swing up and over to catch a fairly large jug.  I couldn’t make the move! Every time, I just couldn’t do it! It got very frustrating as the OH and my other friends could just swan up it. They offered different beta to try, which included popping for the hold; stepping up and then popping for the hold; stepping up with the other leg and swinging for the hold – you name it! Eventually Diane contributed some beta which was actually quite helpful, and I made the move and the rest of the problem easily. I just have to try it from the bottom now! And repeat the move, which I couldn’t repeat on Wednesday.

After climbing another problem (and topping), my friend and I went to do some core workouts. My colleague at work, who is also a bit of a fitness fiend and blogger (see here) had recommended some new core exercises. I was psyched to try them out and dragged another friend along to try them out. They were awesome. Just right level of pain vs recovery and it hurt to laugh for a while after. I think I may have broken my friend though. He was whimpering on the floor for a while.

I then went for food. All in all, a good session.

Some stats:


  • Warmed up on 4-5 L1s
  • Topped 2 new L2s
  • Repeated 0 L2s
  • Achieved 2 moves that I found difficult


  • 3 x 30″ front plank with 30″ rest
  • 2 X 30″ side plank with 30″ rest
  • 3 x 10 v-sits with weight (1.25kg – too light)
  • 3 x 6 leg raises with weight above head (1.25kg – too light)
  • 2 x 2 pike raise pull-up