Not so much training, more lazing

In hindsight, HIIT two days in a row was not going to be conducive to a good training session on Wednesday. The fact that it was stupid hot also wasn’t that helpful either. I got down the wall quite early and started warming up slowly. I felt heavy, creaky and tired. The OH and a couple of friends were working a yellow, that I’d still not sent, features for feet.

I figured that I really ought to try the problem again and got on it. It went really easily! I used pretty much the same sequence that I described in a previous post (here), but it just clicked today. I was strong, and confident on the moves – even getting the undercling above my head. I started under the roof with one hand on the start hold and one on the pinch. I stood up and went out to the flat hold on the edge of the roof. Popped a right toe hook in under the pinch and matched the flat hold on the roof. I took a breath and then campus’d for the right hand pinch. Sorted me feet out to push out sideways for the left hand side pull and then got tried to remember which foot I put on the flat hold to go up for the next, really unpleasant sloper/pinch. I think I used my right foot. I managed to stand up, got the unpleasant hold and it stuck. I was in balance enough to go for the next, really unpleasant hold with my right hand (which felt weirdly good) and succeeded in holding the undercling. Now it was a case of getting my feet up and standing for the top. With only the barest wobble I did. Not bad for the first hard(ish) climb of the day.

My friend suggested that I try a L3 problem on the same part of the wall. It has small holds and quite a difficult middle section, which essentially involves a hard campus move. I managed to link the bottom section of the problem, and go for the campus move, but couldn’t keep my feet off the ground. After working that four/five times, I moved around to the Wave section of the wall. There is a L2 pink that I have been trying the last couple of sessions. It has two quite tall moves near the bottom which I can do in isolation, but not together. I tried it a couple of times and in a couple of different ways. I think I have the sequence now, I just need to practice linking.

By this point my OH was winding down, and our friends were making noises about heading for some food so I went and did my core exercises.

I started to use the Caynax A6W Ab work-out app on Sunday. I was a bit ambivalent when I started using it because it was very easy. The app uses 6 exercises that you do, holding each for 3 seconds and there are 6 sets in 1 cycle. The first couple of times using the A6W app, the workout is only 1 cycle long, so I felt a bit cheated/lazy as I was used to longer workouts. However, I’m now completing 2 cycles of the exercises, and my core burns! These exercises aren’t difficult, but I think the minimal rest between each exercise in the cycle really makes me burn!

Some stats:


  • Warmed up on 4 L1s
  • Topped 2 L2s, including 1 new one
  • Worked 1 L3, 2 L2s


  • 2 x A6W cycle