05/09/2013 Top tip for MTB’ing: Flow like water A blogtember challenge

*I accidentally posted this a day early as I got carried away by blogtember. Sorry guys*

Blogtember Challenge: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered

I think the most useful advice that has stayed in my mind is to do with cycling. This may be because I’m often in a state of total fear, so anything that anyone ever says to me is either immediately forgotten or retained for ever more.

Look where you want to go, not what you want to hit

This is really obvious. If you lead with your head, your body (and bike) will follow. However, it often seems totally counterintuitive – you want to see what you’re about to hit! Mike at Gone Mountain-biking drilled this one into me when I had some lessons with him. He was so patient and understanding of my fear and general ineptitude!

Flow like water

This one I really struggle with. If going down something steep, technical, or scary, relax and flow like water. My OH often shouts it at me when behind me. It really works – but again – is often very hard to do!


I’m definitely looking where I want to go. Photo: AC


Trying to ‘flow like water’. Photo: AC


3 thoughts on “05/09/2013 Top tip for MTB’ing: Flow like water A blogtember challenge

  1. Great advice! Especially apt as I’m heading to the Lakes tomorrow for a weekend of wild riding and I will need to relax and flow to enjoy it, especially on the loose slate!

  2. Thanks! This is actually pretty helpful and good reminders. When I tried to go down a death hill, I did NOT flow like water. I screamed and yelled and cried and was stiff as a board. I must have a good bike, because I still didn’t crash! Haven’t tried again…now I’m working my way up instead of starting off with a challenging route

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