11/09/2013 ooh, shiny things: a blogtember challenge

Blogtember Challenge: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

I’m not particularly consumerist, so I don’t really have a ‘favourite’ online shop. That said, I do like looking at running, cycling and climbing gear. So here are some links to some online shops that cater for women who like the outdoors:

Gear for Girls

They sell running, climbing and general outdoors clothing and kit.

I really like the Patagonia bra that they’re selling at the moment. Underwear seems to be something that I resent having to buy, and as a result, I never seem to have any!

Patagonia Active Bra. Source: gearforgirls.co.uk


I love looking at the clothing on Minx girl. Some of it is so cute! The polka dot jersey jumped out at me recently – it’s definitely one that would make me visible on the road!

Twin Six Queen of the Mountain Jersey. Source: Minx-girl.com

Ana Nichoola

Ana Nichoola’s stuff is amazing. I’ve got her sun cat jersey which is one of the best pieces of kit that I’ve owned. It’s super comfortable, looks great and really well designed. I would quite happily buy the whole of the shop, but will limit myself to three (maybe) four items. The dress looks super comfy and really pretty. I’m not sure how it would look on me, but the images of it on other people make it look really cute.

Blue Cafe Jersey Dress. Source: AnaNichoola.co.uk

I absolutely adore the sun cat shorts. I really would love another set of bib shorts, but I refuse to buy any that don’t acknowledge women’s anatomy and the fact that we also pee, and if on a ride, will pee by the side of the road. I hate having to strip in order to answer a call of nature. With that in mind, these shorts have a high enough waist that means I shouldn’t get any cold sports and they shouldn’t ride down.

White sun can shorts. Source: AnaNicholla.co.uk

I’m currently on my second pair of gloves this summer – and I’ve not really done any mileage at all. These gloves look really hard wearing and well designed. The arm warmers are mainly frivolous – like the dress – as I already own a pair, and you can’t really wear more than one pair at a time. However, they would match my jersey top, and the summer is drawing in…

White Kestral Gloves. Source: AnaNichoola.co.uk

Her Pleasure Arm Warmers (Grey). Source: AnaNichoola.co.uk

When I was redecorating the house, I used to spend hours looking at different paint colours. I really wanted to keep to the heritage of the house, even though it’s only a small terraced property. As a result, I scoured loads of different house related websites.

I loved the inspiration sets by Dulux heritage. The colours are fantastic on the walls and I don’t think I will ever try any other type of paint. We (well I) chose warm pearl for our bedroom and it’s such lovely colour. Yes, it’s pink, but it also changes depending on the light. We haven’t gone for the ‘romantic’ style but have used neutral colours to make a calm room. The bed, wardrobe and doors are all wood and the carpet is a neutral beige. However, shapes and wood used are all those that would have been used in the early 20th century. In sum, its pink, but not a girly pink.

Romantic bedroom with Warm Pearl

Bedroom with Warm Pearl. Source: Dulux Heritage

So there you have it. I love Ana Nichoola right now. Been though it’s nearly winter, I would quite like some shorts and I’m starting to like pink.