25/09/2013 Mistake: blogtember challenge

Wednesday, September 25: Write about a time you screwed up – a mistake you made.

I’d like to think that I never screw up, make mistakes, or every do anything wrong. However, that would be a complete and utter lie! I make plenty of mistakes, and often they’re rectifiable and so slight that nothing much happens.

However, with my chosen sports, mistakes often occur when tired and as a result of a split second lapse of concentration, or slight wobble over which path to make/take, and can result in pretty horrible injuries.

One of the most annoying mistakes of recent times was my decision to campus train when tired and at the end of a session. This in itself wasn’t such a terrible thing, and I actually put in a pretty good session. However, since then, my middle finger has been tweaky at best and downright painful at worst. I had hoped that after two weeks off and a completely rest, my finger would be better. Unfortunately that’s not been the case. At the first session back after my holiday I tried to pull on and the pain was but, but even more so!

Photo: CanadianKate

Photo: CanadianKate

After taping up and climbing slowly, the pain lessened. However, I think it will take a very long time for my finger to heal completely. I tried climbing today as well, and sticking to easy problems with little risk of slipping or crimping hard, I could complete a fair number before the pain started.

Moral of the story: if tired, don’t push yourself!