Heavy and weak

The day started nicely chilled out with a good breakfast and coffee followed by not doing much. However I never really got going and felt like I was lugging around an extra body. This did not bode well for climbing. AND the foundry had new problems.

So, after getting to the foundry I warmed up slowly and still felt full of lead. My legs felt heavy, my head full of wool, a complete lack of core and finger strength. The L1s were straight forward and I focused on my footwork and movement. I still felt like I was using my arms more than my feet though. To make matters worse, my finger really really hurt and started tweaking early in the session.

I did manage an L2 and I know that next session I’ll be much stronger and I think that I’ll be able to top more of the L2s in this set than the last set. However, this session was a bit of a washout and I don’t even have any significant stats to speak of.

I’ll start on Font training proper next week. This week is all about reacquainting myself to climbing again.

Soon, this board will be my friend again. Photo: CanadianKate