An acquaintance with the climbing works

After the pretty poor session that I had at the Foundry on Wednesday, I decided to go to the Works the day after and try to get some volume in. My finger and knee were still a bit tweaky and I was still very tired, but I wanted to do something!

After picking up my car from its MOT (it passed! again!), I popped over to the Works and started slowly.

I warmed up on reds and these felt hard! The set is fairly spicy, but well within my climbing capabilities, so this did not bode well with the whole trying to do volume and getting a work-out aim of the session. After completing all of the reds, I then moved onto the spotties and completed a number of those. My knee started to hurt a fair amount by then, as did my finger.

After having a bit of a rest, I tried a couple of more and then accepted the fact that I really wasn’t in the mood/tired and that it would probably be best to go home and go to sleep.

Some stats:

  • Completed whole of the Red circuit
  • Completed 1/3 of the spotties circuit